Mark Elvidge - Paranormal Investigator Mark Andrew Elvidge - Unexplained Phenomena Field Investigator

Mark Andrew Elvidge - professional UK based  paranormal investigator, or as he prefers to describe his work - Unexplained Phenomena Field Investigator.

Mark has been both interested in, and actively investigating 'the paranormal', for over 30 years. Investigations have always been carried out with a scientific approach, and with the utilization of an extensive array of technologies.Mark Andrew Elvidge

His previous employment has encompassed many technological skills, including; electronics, telecommunications, radio and data comm's, CCTV, security, monitoring, and control systems - in; design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and client training.

Mark now applies his technical expertise, and paranormal research experience, to his now full-time career. With the benefit of an extensive equipment inventory, and a mobile command/laboratory facility (base on a modified MOD communications truck), investigations take him all over the country - in addition to other related work - such as hosting 'public' investigations, and public events.

Mark is also available for work in the media, in association with any paranormal area's of interest - which include, but not limited to: ghostly, spirit, and poltergeist activity - UFO's - Crop Circles - Cryptozoology - Ancient Anomalies - ESP and Telekinesis. Specializing in EVP and ITC.


Marks investigative and public work is quite varied - and has more recently become in more demand, due to a recent upsurge in paranormal interests, fueled by the media, and specifically 'ghost hunting' shows.

Mark is one of a few, full-time professional investigators - and demonstrates his dedication to his career by being self-financing, in relation to the large arsenal of equipment, and custom transportation.Land Rover Series III, 109, FFR - Paranormal Investigation Vehicle

"It's not that long ago..", explains Mark, "..that you would be very unlikely to tell anyone that you investigated 'the unexplained', for fear of ridicule. I must admit, that I still have a reluctance - but usually for a different reason. Less likely to be ridiculed, often I'm subjected to a thousand and one questions - out of genuine interest and curiosity. Sometimes it's much easier to say 'I work with websites', which of course, I do as a part of my career."

Anyone wishing to contact Mark - should do so here: , or live online here, or for urgent situations, 24/7 telephone here: 0700 5100120. Mark is the founder and owner of a number of websites - including the Mysterial Organisation.

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